Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Six Main Quality Guarantees and Certifications
Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) is committed to quality and is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly products. TCC also enhances management mechanisms and establishes autonomous inspection systems.

Best Guarantee, TCC Product Safety Policy
TCC values product quality. For ready-mixed concrete, the mix proportion design strength requirement is 500psi higher than the target strength, and the 28-day shipping strength is ≥ 1.10f'c (specified strength). Shipment mix proportion data and cement amount ≥ 50% cementious material are disclosed in order to provide safe products to customers.

Product Traceability

Outstanding Technologies, TCC TAF-Accredited Concrete Laboratory
To continue enhancing competitive advantages of our products, TCC invested over NT$100 million to build a TAF-certified concrete laboratory. In addition to providing testing of materials and products for all TCC RMC plants, the laboratory also provides training for quality assurance personnel to improve TCC product quality in the short run and also provide technical consultation and services regarding material design, quality and construction for domestic clients of major construction projects in the mid- and long-run.

A Pioneer in Promoting Product Tracing
To improve product quality transparency, TCC implemented a product traceability system in 2019. Clients who use TCC branded RMC can utilize this client relationship management system to check the details of TCC products including cement, sandstone, slag, fly ash, agents, and water. For each delivery of RMC, clients can use the system to obtain real-time information on product quality such as quality testing reports, quality assurance certifications, chloride ion testing, and compressive strength reports.

Trustworthy, Third-party Certification
The product traceability system has earned customer acclaim after its establishment. Content of the system is constantly upgraded and introduced digital governance tools as AI intelligent algorithms to offer quality variation analysis from 2021. Information regarding the changes of products in terms of strength is determined. TCC collaborates with Taiwan Construction Research Institute (TCRI) to conduct quality ratings of the contents of monthly raw materials and shipment from individual plants. Customers can thus access factual trends of concrete products changes. TCC also facilitates production quality control and increases the credibility of the system, demonstrating TCC’s rigor and confidence in the raw material controls and product quality.
Third-party Certification Third-party Certification

Concrete Technique

Concrete Quality and Technology
To enhance building quality, maintain household safety, and reduce carbon footprint (CFT) of the construction process and applications, in addition to formulating concrete with high-quality TCC cement, we maintain a high-quality cement gradation design without cutting corners. Moreover, in response to market demand, we have successfully developed various concrete products, including self consolidated concrete (SCC), high-flowable concrete (HFC), and high performance concrete for specific construction needs. The well-known construction projects including Taipei 101 and Taiwan High-Speed Rail stations all use TCC concrete. On top of the excellent performance, these concrete products have effectively reduced energy consumption and enhance construction safety.