Organization and Leadership

Organization Chart


  1. There are 19 branch plants and 3 distribution stations under the Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung Cement Product Plants.
  2. There is a ready-mix concrete workshop in the Hualien Plant.

Functions and Duties of Departments

Department Functions and Duties
TCC Group Capturing and integration of group resources for sharing and demonstration of the scale of economy; standardization of regulations and systems within the group; sharing of successful experience and training; regular function audit; management consultancy and enquiry service within the group; other group-related business; improvement of management quality and reduction of costs; demonstration of group synergies and enhancement of overall competitiveness and profitability; and maximization of benefits for shareholders.
Board Secretariat Custody of the Chairperson’s personal seal; preparation of board meetings; handling and coordination of clerical work, general affairs, and stock affairs; and custody of the seals of the General Affairs Division and CDO.
Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Sustainability strategy development, execution, tracking, evaluation and modification. Implementation of corporate social responsibility and communication through diversified channels to society, the public and media to build positive brand image and enhance brand value.
Audit Office Implementation of all major cycles of internal audits as per the annual audit program; supervision of the implementation and amendment of internal audit system of the organization and subsidiaries; proposition of improvement recommendations; and implementation of project investigation, follow-up, and improvements of anomalies.
Legal Office Preparation, revision and approval of legal documents; provision of legal advice; handling of litigation/non-litigation incidents; legal risk control and other legal-related matters.
Engineering Affairs Department Drawing up production plans; tracking, assistance, and evaluation of operational efficiency; renewal, maintenance, and improvement of mechanical and engineering (M&E) equipment; assistance with equipment procurement; planning, guidance; and tracking of engineering projects; supervision of environmental protection, industrial safety, total quality control, and quality assurance; investigation, study, assessment, planning, implementation and tracking construction and merger/restructuring projects in mainland China.
Construction Department Responsible for the planning and development of lands and construction projects of the Group.
Financial Department Processing and auditing routine accounting affairs and fund dispatch; cash management and financial planning; budget control and statement operational analysis; implementation and operation of related projects; supervision of subsidiaries; and handling of investor relations.
Materials Management Department Contracting of the production equipment procurement, civil engineering contracts, production ingredients and materials procurement; and management and dispatch of the materials warehouse.
General Affairs Department Administering of general and administrative affairs unrelated to production; building repair; and planning, implementation and supervision of land and other assets.
Human Resources Department Selection, education, employment, and retention of organizational employees; management and supervision of matters relating to human resources of each unit; and employee benefits and labor-management (employer-employee) relations.
Sales Department Drawing up of product sales plans; product domestic and export sales and storage; and supervision and evaluation of cement distribution stations.
Labor Safety and Health Management Office Administering the safety and health affairs of all employees within the organization.
Hoping Branch and Hoping Plant, Suao Plant, Hualian Plant Manufacturing cement
Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung cement product plants (including three distribution stations) Manufacturing and selling of ready-mixed concrete and managing distribution stations.