Safety and Health

Occupational Health & Safety

TCC Group Holdings commitments Total Care Commitment, endeavoring to construct a healthy and safe workplace
Occupational Safety and Health Policy Statement” , “Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations”, “Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan” and “Occupational Safety and Health Code of Practice” etc.

Management Approaches
Coverage: 100% employees, on-site outsourced workers, and contractors
The Labor Safety and Health Office (LSH Office) has been set up at operation headquarters and all operation sites, the labor safety and health committee meeting is convened on a quarterly basis
The Occupational Safety Monthly report mechanism launched
Safety and Health performance linked to quarterly bonuses

Targets | Taiwan & Mainland China
0 Work-Related Injury
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR): 35% reduction within 3 years (benchmarking 2016-2018 average)
Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR): 35% reduction within 3 years (benchmarking 2016-2018 average)

100% ISO 45001 Certification for the cement plants, RMC plants and TCC operation headquarters
0 occupational disease incidents
2023 Taiwan & Mainland China (scope|employee): TRIR:0.15;LTIR:0.15
Note: Definition of lost time: Any work-related injury that results in the company employee not being able to return to work the next scheduled workday/shift.
Health services
Annual / Scheduled - 100% of employees
ISO 45001