Sustainability, for TCC as it is today
Is a verb, in the present progressive tense

Guided by the North Star
we set sail on the new course for the whole new TCC
Sustainability Report
Nature & Biodiversity Report
Nature & Biodiversity Report
-TNFD Pilot Program
TCFD Report


GHG Management

Carbon Emissions

Alternative Material and Fuel / Clinker

Energy Efficiency

Scope 3 Management


Low-Carbon Construction Materials



Air Pollution Control

Waste Treatment / Material Efficiency




Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Ethical Management

Risk Management

Data Protection and Privacy

Sustainable Products & Services

Supply Chain Management


Health and Safety

Occupational Health & Safety


Social Engagement

Social Engagement Policy

Social Impact

Sustainable Policy Influence

Charity & Donations




Green Energy

Energy Creation

Energy Storage

Energy Supply

Energy Solution

Energy Transmission

NHOA Overseas Energy Arrangement



Human Rights Due Diligence

Employee Engagement

Gender-friendly Workplace

Diversified Workforce

Human Capital Development


Salary and Bonus

TCC Awards
Honors and Recognition
2023 MSCI ESG Ratings “A”

2023 CDP Climate Change B
Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) “B”

2023 S&P Global CSA
Top 7 in “Construction Materials”

Fitch Ratings “BBB-”

Taiwan Ratings “twA+”
Rating Outlook “Stable”
Liquidity Assessment “Extremely Robust”

2023 Greater China Business Sustainability Index “Pace-setter”

2023 Taiwan Sustainability Ratings of the NTPU on SEED “AAA”

The 10th Corporate Governance Evaluation of TWSE
Top 5% in the TWSE-listed Companies

FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index

Taiwan Corporate Governance 100 Index

MSCI Taiwan Select ESG Sustainability High Yield Top 30 Index

TIP Customized Taiwan Green Energy and Electric Vehicles Index

TIP Customized Taiwan Smart Vehicles and Supplier Alliances Index

Business Weekly’s “Carbon Competitiveness 100”

Member of Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

TCFD Supporter

TNFD Early Adopters

ISSB’s “Partnership for Early Awareness of Sustainability Disclosure Today”

EP100 Member
The 1st large manufacturer in Taiwan

Signed Business for Nature
Make it Mandatory
Call to Action

Founding partner of BCSD Nature Positive Initiative

Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission “Silver” Net-Zero Label
It's Now for Nature

The 19th CSR and ESG Awards of Global View Monthly in 2023
Honor of the Year
Model Award of Low-carbon Operations

No. 2, 2023 Common Wealth Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility
Top 5, 2023 Common Wealth Talent Sustainability Award

Top 10 Taiwanese Sustainable, Manufacturing Companies Award, 2023 TCSA
for 3 years in a row
Sustainability Report Platinum Award
Climate Leadership Award
Circular Economy Leadership Award

Golden Award, Profit-seeking Enterprise Category, 2023 Taiwan Biodiversity Awards

2023 BSI Sustainability Resilience Award – Pioneer

2023 Energy Taiwan & Net-Zero Taiwan
Sustainability Award
Platinum Award
Popularity Award

Gold Award, Green Design Award, 2023 SDGs Asia

【Build home for coral reefs】Silver Award, Sustainable Micro Movie
2023 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro Movie Festival

【Hoping EcoPort】
Excellence Award, the 9th National Environmental Education Awards
High Distinction Award
Environmental Education Award, Hualien County No. 1
Citizen Carbon Reduction Competition, Hualien County

【Hoping Plant, Hualien】
Distinction Award, ESG Contribution Award, 2023 Taiwan Circular Economy Awards
Clean Production System of Green Factory Certification

【Suao Plant, Yilan】
Outstanding Enterprises in Industrial GHG Emissions Reduction from Industrial Development Administration (IDA), MOEA
Clean Production System of Green Factory Certification
Excellence in Green Procurement, Yilan County

【Taichung and Kaohsiung RMC Plants】
Clean Production System of Green Factory Certification, MOEA

【Taipei, Taichung, Dadu, Kaohsiung, and Tainan RMC Plants】
Excellence in Green Procurement, MOE

【Taipei RMC Plant】
Outstanding Enterprises in Green Procurement Performance,
Environmental Protection Department, New Taipei City

【Kaohsiung RMC Plant】
Entities with Distinguished Contribution in Green Procurement Amount,
Environmental Protection Bureau, Kaohsiung City

【Tainan RMC Plant】
Excellence in Green Procurement and Resource Recycling Reporting Award,
Environmental Protection Bureau, Tainan City

【TCC DAKA Open Eco-Factory】
Passed in the Renewal Evaluation, Tourism Factory, IDA, MOEA
High Distinction Award of the Best Public Toilet Award, MOE

【Hanben Ocean Station】
Silver Award, Outstanding Public Toilet Ratings of Yilan County
Everything has its own beauty.
Man is a sentient being,
And cosmos has rhythm.
Insects chirp, birds sing, grains, vegetables and plants,
Nature’s charms warm Man’s heart.
Nine levels of Yin and Yang, North Star and Tai Chi,
Mountains, forests and seas, circulate interdependently.
History and Nature become one.

The human body is created according to Natural Law and the laws of physics. Humans should be able to live in harmony with the environment and take care of one another. Humanities, science and philosophy make up the foundation of human civilization. When we truly understand the environment and ourselves, humans can be elevated, integrating social sciences and humanities into changes in the Earth’s environment. Human society and the natural environment all improve at the same time.

The environment is the last frontier of mankind. This is the future voyage of TCC to find a new way of life and new civic responsibilities. To go forward together courageously, toward a place no one has ever been.

NAC 7/2020 Seal
Aquatica ficta
Photographed at TCC Yingde Cement Plant
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