The TCC Group greatly values the importance of operational transparency and corporate governance. In accordance with the Company Law of the Republic of China, the Securities Exchange Law and other relevant laws and regulations, the Company has formulated an effective governance structure and implementation practices. The Company has implemented self-regulation more rigorous than the laws and regulations. The group adopts the international standards of corporate integrity and fairness to implement the company's operating information transparency and protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders.

In order to provide continuous training, the Company has a comprehensive education/training program for employees:


Theme Labor Dispute Case Studies

Lecturer Yeh-Hsing Law Firm

Date 2020/2/10

Hours 2.5

Attendee CEO, HR, Legal Affairs of subsidiaries within the Group and managers and HR of each plant


Theme Guide to Compliance on Economic Sanction Laws

Lecturer Core Compliance Center, Citi Bank

Date 2020/3/23

Hours 1.5

Attendee TCC: Sales, Legal and Finance departments


Theme TCC Group: Data Security

Lecturer TCC Information Systems Corp.

Date 2020/7/7

Hours Three-tiers, 1.5hr in total

Attendee TCC Group


Theme Building Talents and Targeted Selection

Lecturer DDI Inc.

Date 2020/9/8

Hours 7.5

Attendee Mid- and top-level managers in the Group


Theme ESG Series

Lecturer PR, Engineering, Sales, Material Management, Finance, HR, Admin and TCCI

Date 2020/9/17 ~ 2020/11/4

Hours 9 lessons, 16hrs in total

Attendee TCC Group


Theme Working in a Co-prosperous Team - Responsibility Management

Lecturer Pospo Digital Human Resources Services

Date 2020/11/26

Hours 5

Attendee Mid-level managers of the Group